Thursday, 17 May 2007

Breaking Up Is Easy To Do

This is a refreshing (and somewhat surprising) approach from Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions, which focuses on the relationship between the traditional advertiser and the consumer. There's also a blog that goes with it, Bring the love back.

"We don't talk anymore. You do all the talking...It's not exactly a dialogue."

"You're saying you love me, but you're not behaving like you love me, it's not genuine."

"I've changed, and you haven't. We don't hang out in the same places anymore. You're not even listening are you?"

All great stuff and great to see a brand like Microsoft saying it at last.

What do you think of this ad? Like it?

via Logic + Emotion


Nathanael said...

It's a great ad, funny - good acting .. the guy is great in this. It hasn't got Microsoft written all over it, so it's subtle - but doesn't really tell me anything about what they're offering. If it's a new line of business for Microsoft then they have a lot they need to communicate ... and this ad doesn't do that.

Of course, it does get me to the site - and I'm heading there right now ...

Geert said...

Well we did take the first step then... but still need a lot of work to position our offering, I agree!

fox said...

this is made by microsoft? how ironic - they are advertising a "bring the love back" solution to other companies and not using it themselves. how many people like/admire/love microsoft or products anymore? they haven't listened to their own customers for years... they've copied a bunch of things from apple for vista. businesses plod along using microsoft products but reluctantly.