Sunday, 7 October 2007

Post Sydney Tweetup 2.0

It's taken me a while to get around to uploading my photos from the Sydney tweetup (STUB) back on the 27 Sept; sorry, I've been pretty busy since then. Here they are at last, funny captions are encouraged. If you have any more photos you'd like to show, please leave a link to them in the comments. Check out this video shot at the event too. Nick Hodge was handling the camera.

It was really good to see that a few more women came along this time. We also had some people from out of town, as the tweetup purposely coincided with a couple of other tech events going on in Sydney that week. It was great to see a few people there who had only just started twittering.

A big thanks goes out to those who helped organise the evening, and to all those who came along. It was a fun night. Thanks to Greg Dwyer and Markus Hafner (aka eskimo_sparky) from Happener Recruitment, and to Nick Hodge from Microsoft for their continued support of the event. My thanks also goes out to co-organiser Ajay Ranipeta (aka funkycoda). He has a lot of enthusiasm for encouraging and organising these kinds of events.

Microsoft supplied the food and a couple of copies of Vista as prizes for the best tweets of the night. Happener supplied the delicious beverages 2.0, and Twitter (the company) supplied a few "wearing my twitter shirt" t-shirts to give away as well. Thanks to Jack Dorsey from Twitter for coming through with the goods there.


Ajay Ranipeta said...

Well, it wouldn't have happened without your support John, and a praise to you too :)

It was definitely loads of fun and hopefully we can get more new people in.

Ben said...

Drat, you got me in the background of the photo. Now there's somewhat-incontrovertible proof that I was there.

Photos never lie; I only Tweet the 140 chars or less.

jj said...

Hahaa, the camera sees all.

Greg Dwyer said...

Big-ups to both you and Ajay for organising again - thanks John :) You're a key pillar of the twitter community in Sydney and Happener are very pleased to continue our involvement with STUB as a sponsor.

Bryan Person, said...

Good to see that Tweetups are alive and well Down Under, too! As a Yank who spent two years living in Brisbane earlier this decade, I've tried to keep a watch on how social media is evolving in Australia.

Now when is Sydney going to organize a PodCamp? :)

Anonymous said...

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