Saturday, 31 March 2007

Vote Different Mashup Maker Revealed

YouTube has posted an interview with the maker (ParkRidge47) of Vote Different , the mashup that created widespread media interest and controversy in the US. The video has been viewed nearly 3 million times on YouTube and was also shown on network tv. He says that he is now unemployed because of the video, which he did realise would happen if his real name became known.

His advice for making a successful viral video includes having good luck and good timing, and that it doesn't hurt to be funny or provocative. It also helps to articulate something that nobody else has said before. I'm sure that using one of the most successful tv commercials of the '80s in the mashup didn't hurt the cause either.

When asked about the role of YouTube and online video in politics in the future, he suggests that it could have a huge impact and it will be up to the candidates, their supporters and the voters to make the most of the technology.

How important do you think voter (user) generated content will bocome during election campaigns? I tend to think that this first really successful viral video will be just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm sure there are new political videos being made as we speak, inspired by the success of Vote Different. In a democracy, why shouldn't the voters get to have their own say during a political campaign. What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

>How important do you think voter (user) generated content will bocome during election campaigns?

It will be important, but not in the form you describe. I would agree with you that many more funny, creative, mashups are in the works, but they only that...funny and creative. Nothing more. You'll have to work a bit harder when doing real research on the candidates. For example:

This is my attempt at organizing the YouTube videos by issue.

The internet is the best thing that's happened to the cause of democracy in a LONG time. In the past we ONLY saw what the major networks wanted us to see. No more!


jj said...

Thanks Gary,

I think your video guide is an excellent idea and will be a valuable resource for voters.

I agree that it's great that there will be many voices other than the major networks. It's real democracy in action. At the moment media magnates have too much of an influence on elections.