Tuesday, 17 April 2007

MySpace Gatecrashers

Here's a little MySpace generation anecdote about the local power of global social media. Recently, an English teenager invited 60 (yes 60) of her closest friends to a party while her parents were away for Easter (those were the days).

The thing is that she posted her party invite on her MySpace page, and a great deal more people than that showed up looking to do some serious partying. Some even traveled from out of town to attend. The family home was trashed to the tune of £20,000. The family is staying elsewhere while the repairs are being made.

Apparently, the teenager blamed cyberspace gatecrashers for hijacking her page and changing the original invitation from a mere 60. It seems that not many people believed the story and in any case, it surely wouldn't have made much difference.

It was a fairly silly thing to do to say the least, but you've still got to feel a little sorry for the kid that the story has spread so far and wide (but I'll still write about it anyway). That's online social media for you.

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kellyd said...


I imagine the poor kid will never be allowed on MySpace again. :-)

Now, to check on my daughter's page...