Sunday, 11 February 2007

A defining moment for new marketing?

Joseph Jaffe seems to be pretty excited about the fact that his client Coca-Cola is finally and wholeheartedly embracing consumer generated content by inviting Stephen Votz and Fritz Grobe, A.K.A. EepyBird to perform Experiment #214, the Domino Effect (see above video) in the inner-sanctum of the Coca-Cola Company, and that the Chairman Neville Isdell might actually have watched it.

He states: " Think about it: two talented, yet normal citizens of planet earth (actually Buckfield, Maine) become the poster children for the rise of CGC and more importantly, the democratization of creativity. Not only did they get the attention of The Coca-Cola Company, but they got the acknowledgment and respect in the process."

Not surprisingly, this has caused a bit of a debate about how significant this moment is in the history of marketing.


Joseph Jaffe said...

IMHO, it is not much of a debate at all. Most of the time, we - bloggers, whatever - comment on stuff we have no clue about.

That doesn't make us wrong...and it does always give the "commentee" the ability to chime in and give their side of the story. That's what healthy conversation is all about.

In this case, I was on the inside and I saw things for myself and for what they are/were.

Most of us never get this kind of opportunity.

On another level, there is a story behind the story...the fact that Coke agreed to let me talk about this.

I remain resolute on my personal accounts and I am richer for it.

jj said...

Thanks Joseph,

Yep, debate is a good thing, it's a big part of democracy. I like the way you inspire people to engage in dialogue. Your book has certainly done that.