Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Tomato in Sydney

On Thursday night I'm going to hear Tomas Roope from Tomato speak about how advertising is affected by the transitional phase of entertainment migrating from broadcast to a consumer controlled model. The talk is being hosted by AWARD. Roope is a well awarded guy, being the "the joint most successful entrant into D&AD's interactive awards".

It should be well worth attending. Tomato has been responsible for some great work over the years including for '90s film Trainspotting, the Design Strategy for Federation Square in Melbourne, Sony Branding, collaborations with great electro band Underworld, and much, much more.

UPDATE: Campaign Brief blog is reporting that Tomas Roope is going to join The Rumpus Room, a subsidiary of The Sweet Shop, to head up the company's UK office. Roope has been with Tomato for 10 years.

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