Saturday, 10 February 2007

Relaxing with the Sunday Newspaper

Take a look at this new Australian tv ad campaign for client the Sun-Herald Sunday newspaper. The agency responsible is Sydney hotshop Host, with the creative outsourced to new outfit Happy Soldiers.

I like the ads because they are unexpected and beautiful, but relevant. Eager critics have said that they are too slow, boring and that nothing happens, but I think in the context of tv advertising, the pace of them will really make them stand out. Does every tvc really have to be cut at the same pace as a rock video to be noticed? The original soundtrack really adds something as well. These ads do hit me on an emotional level.

In a way, they are quite reminiscent of this Sony Bravia ad, and similar criticisms were leveled at that. Some people in the industry thought it was bad because they said it was too abstract and contained no strong idea, but personally, I thought it was great for similar reasons to the Host campaign.

What do you think, boring or brilliant...or don't give a rats... it's just advertising?


Anonymous said...

I think their absolutely briliant. thanks for sharing.

sf, ca

jj said...

No worries, thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

These are really nice. They're so different from all the craziness on TV. It shows that the simple thoughts are always the best.